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10/17 - FINRA announced plans to restructure exams, including the Series 6 Exam and the Series 7 exam. These exams will             be separated into two exams: the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) exam and revised Series 6 Exam and Series 7             Exam.
09/17 - With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, John, Grant and Sean passed the Series 7 Exam
08/17 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Andy and Erica pass the Series 7 Exam
07/17 - With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, Florence, Andrew and Danielle passed the Series 7 Exam
06/17 - With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, Anthony passed the Series 7 Exam
05/17 - Series 7 Tutoring helped  Peter, Judd and Jamie pass the Series 7 Exam
03/17 - With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, Megan and Brad passed the Series 7 Exam while Andrew passed the Series 63 Exam
02/17 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Andrew pass the Series 7 Exam while Emily passed the Series 66 Exam
01/17 - With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, Andrew passed the Series 7 Exam while Joe Passed the Series 65 exam
12/16 - With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, Cooper passed the Series 7 Exam while Emily, Lucy, Janet and David passed the             Series 63 Exam.
11/16 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Emily, Clare and Michael pass the Series 7 Exam
10/16 - With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, Emily and Karen passed the Series 7 Exam
​09/16 - With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, Mary, Kevin and Laura passed the Series 7 Exam
08/16 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Harrison and Emily pass the Series 7 Exam
07/16 - With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, Patricia passed the Series 7 Exam while Melanie Passed the Series 63 Exam
06/16 - With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, Meghan and Larry passed the Series 7 Exam while Andrew, Matt, Jake and Laura             passed the Series 63 Exam
05/16 - With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, Sam passed the Series 7 Exam while Harrison passed the Series 63 Exam
04/16 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Lucie pass the Series 7 Exam while Ryan, Jeremy, Jon and others passed the Series 65 Exam
03/16 - With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, Andrew, Greg and Sara passed the Series 7 Exam while Holly passed the Series 63             Exam
02/16 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Rosa, Holly and Jennifer pass the Series 7 Exam while Richard passed the Series 66 Exam
12/15 With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, Suzanne passed the series 7 exam while Rick passed the series 66 exam and Mary             passed the series 24 exam
11/15 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Matthew, David and Ryan pass the Series 7 Exam while Joe, Manuel, Paige and Trip passed             the Series 66 Exam
10/15 - With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, Lori, Kelley, Travis and Mary passed the Series 7 Exam while Frank passed the Series             66 Exam
09/15 - With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, Nina, Matt, Jonathan, Genevieve, Mike, Paige and John passed the Series 7 Exam.
08/15 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Sarah pass the Series 7 Exam
05/15 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Connor, Caroline and Alexander pass the Series 7 Exam while Nathan passed the Series 66 Exam
04/15 - With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, Lorna, Diana, Corey, Michael and Mark passed the Series 7 Exam while Rhonda             passed the Series 66 Exam
01/15 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Ivette, Holman and Rick pass the Series 7 Exam. Chris and Jessie passed the 66 while Chris             and Brendan passed the 63
09/14 - With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, Steve, Lauren, Jason and Erica passed the series 7. Jon, Adam and Jeremy passed the 66; Luke passed the 63 
10/13 - With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, Julie, Chris, Kevin, Eric, Dino and Daniel passed the Series 7 Exam. Mackenzie             passed the Series 66 Exam.
12/12 - Series 7 Exam Tutor partners with my guru edge to offer tutoring for the series 7 exam and other Finra exams.
€11/11 - FINRA raises the minimum passing score on the Series 7 Exam to 72% from 70%. Getting a Series 7 Tutor can help you try to pass this exam!

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€It is not an overstatement to concede that I would not have passed the Series 7 exam without the “divine intervention” of Skype tutor Michael Weiss. Here’s my story and you be the judge.During lunch with my Financial Advisor, he made an offer that would shake my tranquil existence as I knew it: “Join my team as a partner in a field you will enjoy. The price of entry included passing, on the first try, the series 7. After interviewing several tutors, I selected Michael to oversee my studies. Energetic yet gently reassuring in a strong but calm voice. “You can do this” was Mike’s frequent admonition when I wanted to walk away on more than one occasion. Mike’s teaching strategies for success paid dividends. Mike had numerous homework assignments and frequent attachments to download and study. The night before my test, Mike said, "You’re ready, get a good night’s sleep, focus on the moment, and most importantly, believe in you because I do,”...  I pushed the button and waited those long 10-seconds to see the results. I passed with an 82!. The first studying I had attempted in over 35-years and my aged brain was up to the task. And I have Mike to thank for this accomplishment. If I can pass this “monster” of a test, anyone can, especially with a supreme guide some call a “tutor” but I would call a “miracle maker” at your side to assist you through this amazing journey. (This is a condensed version of Howard's comments.  For the complete version, you can click here.
Howard - Miami, Florida

Working with Michael helped me go from failing the Series 7 by just one point to passing with a 90% in a few short weeks! Needless to say, I was very frustrated after my initial failure, but he was incredibly patient and helpful in explaining the topics I was struggling with such as bonds and taxes. With his help, I was able to really develop an understanding of the vast amount of information on the exam and reach a successful end result. Being able to discuss the concepts face-to-face through live video was critical for me to understand the information more in depth to prepare for the test. My tutoring sessions with Michael were invaluable! 
Elena - Dallas, Texas

I enjoyed working with Michael while studying for the Series 7 Exam. We focused on taxation and options, two areas which I found difficult prior to the tutoring. He thoroughly explained the concepts and now I have a much better understanding of the material related to taxation and options. With some hard work and Michael'€™s help, I passed with a score of 93%. I would recommend Series 7 Exam Tutor and Michael to anyone who needs assistance with the material on the series 7.
Jim - Salisbury, North Carolina 

​I wanted to thank Michael for all of his help. I had been in a precarious situation with my test deadline coming due and not feeling ready to take the exam.(Series 7) I contacted Michael for help. He was informative about what to expect on the series 7 test and how he could help.Well he did more than help! I hadn't felt so completely ready for a test since college.(I am 50) He gave me a phrase which I have continued to use while preparing for the series 66...conceptualize what is being asked. Once I started to do just that it enabled me to relax and concentrate on the task at hand, preparing for the 7. Will I said I am preparing for the 66 which means I passed the 7 with an 81%. I could not be more pleased with his instruction and his teaching procedure. I would highly recommend his tutoring for anyone questioning their preparation. Once again Michael thank you!
Troy - Liberty, Missouri 

Michael- After attempting the series 7 twice I was running out of options. That was until you responded back to my desperate plea for help. I passed the exam this past Friday (with room to spare) and I am convinced that I would not have been able to do it without you! You were able to point me in the right direction and tell me what topics I needed to concentrate on. After just a few short weeks with you, I finally understood the ridiculous amount of material enough to pass. Thank you thank you thank you! I will for sure be in touch with you when I have to take the 66.  

Melissa - Albany, NY

I just want to take a moment and let you know how thankful I am for all your help. I have studied with other testing sites and none was as easy to understand as when I studied with you. The first time I had taken the test I had failed, after our tutoring sessions I increased by 14 points and passed. Thank you again and now lets start studying for the 66. 

Thank you, 
Diana - Staten Island, NY

​Following Michael Weiss’s key role in helping me pass the Series 7 on my first attempt, it was a “given” that I would use his services on the 66. As it turns out, the rules and laws governing state and federal Financial Advisors are a disjointed cobbling of numerous Acts promulgated over the last 80-years. Mike’s explanations were always an effort to harmonize competing concepts in stark contrast to the two Series 66 course provider materials that I was using. He also focused on the identification and understanding of the financial formulas rather than just computation. This proved absolutely vital in passing this test . Thankfully, I passed with a comfortable margin. The truth regarding the Series 66 is that until the study courses more accurately reflect what you will see on the actual test, the assistance of a superior tutor like Michael Weiss, via Skype or in person, is not a luxury but a necessity.  
Howard - Miami, Florida